Feast of St.Anne
Friday 26 July

Euro 35,00 - (Children 25,00)   
➤  Only with reservation.

departure from Forio 22:00
Lacco Ameno 22:10,
Casamicciola 22:30,
Ischia 22:45

From the ship you can admire the Fireworks and the representation of the Fire of the Aragonese Castle.

Video della Festa: Mostra/Nascondi



Everyday (except Monday)
Round Trip € 52,00 (Children 5/12 years € 40,00)

from Forio 8:40,
Lacco Ameno 8:50,
Casamicciola 9:00,
Ischia 9:20
from Capri 17:20
➤ Only with reservation.

Round Trip54,00 (Children 40,00)

departure from Ischia 10:45
from Capri 16:40
➤ Only with reservation.


Island tour by boatEuro ✚24,00

A transfer around the Island of Capri with a stop at the Blue Grotto is the ideal way to explore all the island's sea caves. The transfer around the island starts from Marina Grande and includes: Scugnizzo or welcome statue, Tiberius' leap, Coral Grotto, White Grotto, Natural arch, Villa Malaparte, Faraglioni, Bay of Marina Piccola, Siren's rock, Green Grotto, Punta Carena lighthouse, Blue Grotto (entry is extra)


Tour with Guide + Transfer
Euro ✚30,00 (Children 5/10 years € 25,00) -
[ Guide: Italian - German ]

A minibus will drive you up to Anacapri, where you will visit the Villa San Michele built on the remains of a Roman villa by Axel Munthe, the noted author and physician. A cable car may take you up to Mount Solare, the highest point of Capri, with a breathtaking view of the island. After the lunch (extra) a minibus will bring you to the centre of Capri where you will visit the beautiful Augustus Gardens with another famous view of the Faraglioni rocks. (There is time to visit the Blue Grotto, if requested.) Return to the harbour of Capri by minibus and back to Ischia. (Extra Entrance tickets: Villa San Michele € 10,00 – Grotta Azzurra: € 14,00 )


Ischia (Tour around the Island)

Half Day Trip by boat around the island of Ischia with 1 hour stop in S.Angelo. ➜ Duration 3 hours ➤ Only with reservation.

Monday / Friday
Euro 25,00 (Children 5/12 years € 20,00)

from Ischia 14:40,
Casamicciola 14:50,
Lacco Ameno 15:00,
Forio 15:30

Wednesday / Saturday
Euro 27,00 (Children € 20,00)

from Forio 14:35,
Lacco Ameno 14:45,
Casamicciola 15:05,
Ischia 15:20

Tour around the Island with swimming stop

Half Day The boat tour gives you a unique perspective on the island’s coast. We make several stops around the island to give you the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear sea. ➜ Duration 3 hours ➤ Only with reservation.


Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday Euro 25,00 (Children 20,00)

from Ischia 9:45
Lacco Ameno 10:00,
Forio 10:30,


Tuesday / Thursday
Euro 27,00 (Children € 20,00)

from Forio 9:35,
Lacco Ameno 9:50,
Casamicciola 10:00,

Gita in barca

Tour around the Island with swimming stop

Full Day The boat tour gives you a unique perspective on the island’s coast. You can admire the marvelous flora and fauna of the marine protect area. We make several stops around the island to give you the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear sea.

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday
Euro 60,00 including lunch ➤ Only with reservation.
departure from Forio 10:00
return from sea 17:00.

As soon as you are on board a welcome italian coffee, at the first stop you will swimming and bruschetta. As a first course spaghetti with mussels or pasta with tomato sauce. Seasonal fruit. Water and wine


Procida (Tour around the Island)

Half Day Tour around the island with 2 hour stop in Procida.

Tuesday / Thursday
Euro 30,00 (Children 5/12 years € 20,00)
➤ Only with reservation.

from Forio 14:30,
Lacco Ameno 14:50,
Casamicciola 15:00,
Ischia 15:15
➜from Procida 18:00

Island tour by boat +
Tour with Minibus

Euro 45,00 (Children 3/12 years € 40,00)

Motorboat tour along the islands of Procida and Vivara. Stop with disembarkation at the Port of Marina Grande, start of the tour with accommodation in micro-taxi, during the tour there will be various panoramic stops, from the upper part, Terra Murata, the oldest and highest area of ​​the island, until reaching, through the characteristic ancient alleys, the other side of Procida.



Round Trip Euro 25,60 - Children Euro 17,60

departure from Casamicciola arrive at Procida 07:10 – 09:45 – 13:50
departure from Procida arrive at Casamicciola 13:15 – 17:05 – 19:45



Full Day With a short free stop in Amalfi and free stop in Positano.

Thursday / Sunday
Euro 55,00 (Children 4/12 years € 39,00)
➤ Only with reservation.

departure from Forio 8:40,
Lacco Ameno 8:50,
Casamicciola 9:00,
Ischia 9:20


Full Day While sailing from the ship you can admire Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Free stop in Positano.

Euro 55,00 (Children 4/12 years € 39,00) ➤ Only with reservation.

departure from Forio 8:40,
Lacco Ameno 8:50,
Casamicciola 9:00,
Ischia 9:20
➜ from Positano 16:15



Saturday / Sunday
Round Trip Euro 42,00 (Children 22,00)
from Casamicciola 9:00
from Ventotene 19:30

Tour around the Island with swimming stopEuro ✚30,00 ➜ Duration 3 hours ➤ Only with reservation.

Island tour by boat. During the tour we will make several stops for swimming in the most beautiful bays.


Saturday / Sunday
Round Trip Euro 48,00 (Children 25,00)
from Casamicciola 9:00
from Ponza 18:30

Tour around the Island with swimming stopEuro ✚35,00 ➤ Only with reservation.

You'll enjoy stops at some of the island's most beautiful caves and swimming spots. Famous for its crystal clear waters and stunning cliffs, Ponza is also full of legends that your captain will tell you about as you sail. Visit the grotto of Circe, the sorceress of Homer's The Odyssey, who turned Odysseus' men into animals. Learn the heartbreaking true story of Lucia Rosa, whose name now lives on in one of Ponza's most beautiful swimming areas. When it's time for lunch, the crew will serve a simple but tasty "mariner's style" pasta lunch, prepared in the boat's kitchen. Lunch will be served on deck, with wine and beverages. After, grab your beach towel and laze on deck as you enjoy the sea breeze. There is plenty to do on board and in the water.


(Island Sightseeing by Bus)

Half Day Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Euro 19,00 (Children <12 years -10%)(Guide: Italian - German)

Pick up from your Hotel around 2:30pm. roundtrip to the 6 villages of Ischia with stops at the most beautiful viewpoints of the island, 50 minutes free time in the village of S.Angelo.

Ischia (Nitrodi spring)

Half Day Friday
Euro 28,00 (Children <12 years -10%)(Guide: Italian)

Pick up from your Hotel um 9:30 circa. Return to the hotel around 14.30 pm. The oldest spa in the world, already known to the early Greek colonisers of Southern Italy and dedicated to Apollo and the Nitrodes nymphs. The history of the Nitrodes springs is essentially that of Mediterranean civilisation as the earliest sources on use of the springs dates to the era of the Greek colonisation of the island of Ischia. It was in these far off times that the spring began to be used by those looking for relief from the most diverse illnesses. To Nitrodi went warriors wanting to heal their injuries, women wanting to be mothers, the elderly hoping to relieve their gout and arthritis and Roman matrons looking to protect their skin and hair from the ravages of time with the extraordinary properties of this fons juventutis. There was a cure for everyone’s ailments: war injuries healed quickly, the old were more agile and youthful and women emerged from the waters more beautiful and fertile than ever! The ‘super powers’ of the Nitrodi spa waters were such that the springs became a very important devotional centre from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD. In addition to the shower, you will also be offered a thermal mud mask for the face.

Ischia (Mortella Garden)

Half Day Thursday
Euro 30,00 (Children <12 years -10%)(Guide: Italian - German)

Pick up from your Hotel at 14:30 p.m. circa. A harmonious combination of avenues, fountains and plants have made La Mortella an oasis of beauty and peace, as well as the home of a multitude of specimens, some even very rare, from all over the planet and the guided tour will be an exceptional opportunity to admire over 1700 species of plants, and discover their peculiarities. The guide will invite you to take advantage of the sensory stimulation given by the forms, colours and smells that permeate the trails.

Ischia (Aragonese Castle)

Half Day Friday
Euro 33,00(Guide: German)

Half Day Sunday
Euro 33,00(Guide: Italian)

Pick up from your Hotel at 14:30 circa. Going over the bridge, once drawbridge, you will reach the volcanic island on which the Aragon Castle stands. An itinerary to discover the most fascinating pages of the history of Ischia and Italy as well. Up to 200 years ago, the Aragon Castle was the only shelter for the inhabitants of Ischia. In 1500, on the islet there were 13 churches and in 1700, according to a census, 1856 families lived there. The guided tour will develop through paths that lead to the "Clarisse" nunnery, with the annexed cemetery (once putridarium where nuns were left to decompose); the Cathedral with its crypt with frescos of Giotto's school, the Bourbon prison, and also the alleys, the millstone, the old houses, the churches and a breathtaking view. (Incluso Entrance tickets: Aragonese Castle € 10,00 - Children € 6,00 )


Full Day Sunday
Euro 82,00 (Children <12 years -20%)(Guide: Italian - German)

Pick up from your Hotel at 6:00 a.m. circa from your Hotel. Departure by boat to the coast. We take the highway to Pompei, where a guided tour of app. 3 hours will take you through these unique excavations of the ancient Roman town which together with Ercolano was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. After the lunch break we will drive to Naples, panoramic tour you will reach the Posillipo hill from which you will admire the gulf and the Phlegraean fields, the port of Mergellina, the promenade of via Caracciolo, the monumental center with its squares and buildings. Return to the Port for boarding. Extra Entrance tickets: Pompeii: € 16,00 - Children <25 years € 2,00


Full Day Wednesday
Euro 69,00 (Children <12 years -20%)(Guide: Italian - German)

Pick up from your Hotel at 6.00 a.m. circa. Departure by ship from Ischia at 6.25 am and meeting with the guide at the port of Naples for a walking tour of the historic center and monumental center of the city. Going up along via Duomo, you will visit the cathedral of Naples which houses the relics of San Gennaro, then continue along San Gregorio Armeno where you will have free time to enjoy a coffee and admire the shops of the crib masters. Continue along the spaccanapoli with its noble palaces up to the church of Santa Chiara which houses in the convent a spectacular 18th century majolica garden, one of a kind (for a fee, ticket not included). After a short lunch break we will cross the Pignasecca district, a real and colorful open-air market and along via Toledo and part of the Spanish quarters we will reach the Umberto gallery, from there Piazza del Plebiscito, and the San Carlo theater, the oldest of Europe. Return to the port and boarding on the ferry. Extra Entrance tickets: Chiostro € 6,00 - Napoli sotterranea € 9,00 - Duomo € 2,50

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